Holy Drivel
30 Oct 2012 | Comedy

Holy Drivel

Holy Drivel
Release date
30 October 2012
Derek Sheen
Holy Drivel
30 October 2012 | Comedy

Derek Sheen really enjoys telling you about the horrible things he’s done, seen and had happen to him. But what he really loves is making you laugh about it, even when you know you shouldn’t. Derek likes the power of a good story, and delights in sharing all of his vulnerabilities: whether it’s his weight, his fears of sex, death, flying or children. He also likes turning over rocks and talking about the dark squishy things that live under there. He also played a robot in an awesome sci-fi film called “Steel of Fire Warriors 2010 A.D.” and was the voice of E.T. in the hardcore gay porn/animated short “E.T. 2:Dark Territory”, which he co-wrote with animator (and very good buddy!!) Mark Allender. Lindy West, from Jezebel, has called him a “Human Hug”.