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30 Oct 2012 | Comedy


Release date
06 May 2016
Derek Sheen
06 May 2016 | Comedy

Seattle’s own Derek Sheen, the eponymous “Tiny Idiot,” has resisted the temptation to just make this a record of REO Speedwagon covers. Barely. Instead, he’s taken to Chicago, his happy place, to wean himself off anti-depressants and spread the joy. From the most detailed flight of fancy, birds-eye view of the life of a hipster meat barista to an exploration of the Old Testament as the most insane Dungeons and Dragons quest you’ve ever gone on (Salt pillars? Giants? Laser Angel Babies?) and the New Testament as an ode to hobos and hippies who love tapas, Sheen’s ready to take you with him on an hour of high-dose citalopram glee. After exploring Bible Belts and Tornado Alleys, he shares the two most American scenes he’s ever spotted, gives a guide to the nuances of hotels versus motels, and creates a D.A.R.E. program for the 21st century: spark it up and do some father-son bonding over frittatas. And while you’re at it? Give someone a hummer.

“The generations seem as divided as they’ve ever been these days, content with yelling at each other rather than trying to understand each other’s position. Thankfully, there are comedians like Derek Sheen who very deftly bridges the thinking between many generations with his new album Tiny Idiot. Whether his joke centers on religious hypocrisy, being open minded about fellatio, or the new, snarky breed of butcher shops, Sheen paints a great, vibrant light that shines through all of the nonsense from any demographic that has been floating around lately. If you’re not acquainted with Sheen, you should start now with this album. —Jake Kroger, The Comedy Bureau, May 6, 2016”